2023 mar 14 E

i miss making music. i was never very good but that was never the point

2023 mar 13 B

fucking scroll bar

2023 mar 12 A

damn i'm lonely lmao

2023 mar 11 G

i love hanging out with my friends

2023 mar 10 D

nevermind got it handled lmao

2023 mar 09 F

oh fuck oh jesus this shit isn't going to get done lmao

2023 mar 08 C

i shoulda never let them learn my ass to code

2023 mar 07 E

starting to feel i may have made some mistakes in my life

2023 mar 06 B

feeling numb and shitty and i need to buy plane tickets fuck

2023 mar 05 A

nevermind shit sucks

2023 mar 04 G

we're getting there

2023 mar 03 D

happy 1 year anniversary to this page :)

2023 mar 02 F

fucking mathfinder

2023 mar 01 C

man are my lips chapped

2023 feb 28 E

wrote about 30 billion lines of code today (all of it sucked)

2023 feb 27 B

komi can't communicate is a sweet and fun show

2023 feb 26 A

things are going to be okay

2023 feb 25 G

how to designed web

2023 feb 24 D

someday i'll stop updating these in the middle of the night

2023 feb 23 F

today mostly sucked lmao our group project is so fucked

2023 feb 22 C

finally got enough motivation to finish my blogroll... just in time to add more blogs to it lmao

2023 feb 21 E

starting to get anxious about this group project

2023 feb 20 B

i might be that bitch that buys some fucking armor lmao

2023 feb 19 A l

i've really let myself go

2023 feb 18 G

of course i'm getting sick lmao

2023 feb 17 D

played a great game of d&d today on a vampire cruise ship

2023 feb 16 F

if i didn't care i'd be gone already dude

2023 feb 15 C

things aren't going great right now

2023 feb 14 E

my partner made me cry (happy) but i made them cry (sad)

2023 feb 13 B

dazed and confused type beat

2023 feb 12 A

sometimes i'm not sure what to do with all this

2023 feb 11 G

it sucks how some of the best nirvana covers ive ever heard are by post malone lmao

2023 feb 10 D

oops i did it again

2023 feb 09 F

i was totally writing 2022 for some of the dates on here lmao

2023 feb 08 C

if you think anime food looks delicious wait until you see anime pussy

2023 feb 07 E

really hope i'm not getting sick

2023 feb 06 B

i almost broke up with my fiance tonight

2023 feb 05 A

fuck docker holy shit

2023 feb 04 G

starting to think i might not be well

2023 feb 03 D

feeling like a fat fucking slob

2023 feb 02 F

my fucking phone's charging port is busted are you kidding me

2023 feb 01 C

february fucking sucks dude

2023 jan 31 E

if a train says it's leaving from its origin station at a certain time, it should probably not depart fifteen minutes early

2022 jan 30 B

hell yeah getting my first flash tattoo

2023 jan 29 A

vancouver is fucking cool

2023 jan 28 G

my friends got married today

2023 jan 27 D

insane levels of train mentioned today

2023 jan 26 F

shinji voice i'm so fucked up

2023 jan 25 C

kettlebell swinging through it

2023 jan 24 E

my new passport photo makes me look like i'm about to wither away into dust

2023 jan 23 B

i would literally kill if i could be with or just be deedlit (parody non-actionable)

2023 jan 22 A

i miss you

2023 jan 21 G

making your own guestbook solution is hard guys

2023 jan 20 D k

it really sucks how my old guestbook host went down because the most important person in the world to me was the first person to sign my old one

2023 jan 19 F

can u get surgery to invert ur nipples

2023 jan 18 C

wish i could snuggle but i stay on that struggle

2023 jan 17 E

i feel real shitty right now

2023 jan 16 B

raising my pH by drinking a shit load of techbro akaline water so when i have sex with a normal person it gets real messy like that volcano they made you make in school

2023 jan 15 A

not enough video games are about hanging out with youre boys

2023 jan 14 G

if your sunday school didnt have the jesus footprints poster your baptism was basically not real

2023 jan 13 D

sometimes i miss being cum. Just sayin

2023 jan 12 F

If Your Cock Is On Fire For More Dick You May Be Entitled To Financial Compensation...

2023 jan 11 C

it rules how in conan the barbarian (1982) he literally just learns how to fuck pussy real good

2023 jan 10 E

shout the fuck out to the fursuiters at the park today

2023 jan 09 B

i don't want to make it about me but it really sucks when you're in a long-distance relationship and your partner has to go to the ER and you can only just sit here helplessly

2023 jan 08 A

only in dreams

2023 jan 07 G

my fetish is sex in the missionary position for the purposes of procreation

2023 jan 06 D

need a bitch who is threatening me with a skillful reproduction of a 14th century flemish baselard

2023 jan 05 F

(on a date) so are you meal-pilled or snackcore? excuse me a moment (i shoot myself through the roof of my mouth)

2023 jan 04 C

literary critics could literally just make shit up like "the porridge in goldilocks and the three bears represents Pussy" and we'd all be powerless to stop them

2023 jan 03 E

some guys really are just big pissbabies

2023 jan 02 B

they got like advanced pornography these days for real

2023 jan 01 A

happy freaking new year lois

2022 dec 31 G

chainsaw man season 2 when

2022 dec 30 D

akiba maid war is so fucking good it's my favorite of the year i can't fucking even

2022 dec 29 F

i really hope things work out

2022 dec 28 C

might get my ass a mandolin or something

2022 dec 27 E

the central valley sucks a little bit sometimes

2022 dec 26 B

oops i suck at relationships!!

2022 dec 25 A

womanhood is not as easy to define as a lot of people seem to think it is actually

2022 dec 24 G

i really liked my presents this year

2022 dec 23 D

derry girls is a cute show!

2022 dec 22 F j

i respect the opinions of butch lesbians more than the father the son and the holy ghost

2022 dec 21 C

i just updated this thing and i'm about to leave for 10 days lmao

2022 dec 20 E

gymnopédie no. 1

2022 dec 19 B

disappearance of haruhi suzumiya fucking owns

2022 dec 18 A

akiba maid war is so fucking slept on it pisses me off but i also feel like it's partially because there's been so many good shows this year

2022 dec 17 G

i think i'm getting an eating disorder or something

2022 dec 16 D

my sleep schedule is so fucked up

2022 dec 15 F

i should do more drugs i think

2022 dec 14 C

banger tweet achieved lets fucking go

2022 dec 13 E

imperial legion soldiers die instantly if theyre in the same room as skooma

2022 dec 12 B

when i'm sad my sex drive ping pongs from -10000000 to so horny i spontaneously combust and it's really annoying if im being real with you

2022 dec 11 A

2023 will be the year of the super Dendy

2022 dec 10 G

long distance sucks i guess

2022 dec 09 D

my cock is about 3 sauces long i think

2022 dec 08 F

i haven't felt good in like two weeks

2022 dec 07 C

isekai ojisan has really good character designs

2022 dec 06 E

chaotic neutral nonmonogamy

2022 dec 05 B

normal human male emotions (wishes they were a big tiddy goth girl)

2022 dec 04 A

friends :)

2022 dec 03 G

the thing is an excellent movie and kurt russell is a beautiful, beautiful man

2022 dec 02 D

i need you again so bad

2022 dec 01 F

all the railroads should do a wildcat strike

2022 nov 30 C


2022 nov 29 E

if i don't eat pussy once a month i die like some kinda orchid type flower

2022 nov 28 B

i also finished demon slayer s1 a few days ago it's pretty epic

2022 nov 27 A

fuck im sad lmao

2022 nov 26 G

fuck flying so much oh my fucking god damn

2022 nov 25 D

spy x family got the weebs baby crazy

2022 nov 24 F

happy genocide day (im super fun at parties [head game insane])

2022 nov 23 C i

went to the train museum today it fucking rules

2022 nov 22 E

jesus fucking christ my guts

2022 nov 21 B

shiny skin in hentai is an op to get weebs to do skincare

2022 nov 20 A

ikea goes so hard

2022 nov 19 G

present at the sf central subway opening day, it's a mixed bag imo

2022 nov 18 D

finished haruhi i'm a real weeb now

2022 nov 17 F

whoops i got an eating disorder hahaha that's so wild

2022 nov 16 C

haruhi has both boy autism and girl autism

2022 nov 15 E

posting cringe (paintjobs for fake railroads)

2022 nov 14 B

i am so fucking horny it's insane

2022 nov 13 A

i hate it when i just randomly get sad for no fucking reason lmao

2022 nov 12 G

fuck i forgot to get my passport renewed

2022 nov 11 D

war sucks and is bad tbh

2022 nov 10 F

started an openttd game with the north american rail set swipe right if interested

2022 nov 09 C

feeling ok about the test i just took

2022 nov 08 E

project fucking done woo

2022 nov 07 B


2022 nov 06 A

i should probably get the random depressive episodes i fall into checked out huh

2022 nov 05 G

in a hole

2022 nov 04 D

fuck this shit

2022 nov 03 F

not being next to you makes me so sad

2022 nov 02 C

dependency injection is when you let a needy boy hit raw

2022 nov 01 E

yeah i failed nnn keep walkin

2022 oct 31 B

happy fuckin spooks

2022 oct 30 A

one of these days i'm going to write a rant about the problems with ST3 and what i think rail transit in the greater seattle area should look like. it will be messy as fuck i promise you

2022 oct 29 G

in case you weren't aware i fucking love trains

2022 oct 28 D

thanks for being a bitch to my fiance you miserable waste of cum

2022 oct 27 F

they made a shmup board game what a time to be alive

2022 oct 26 C

the amtrak cascades is pretty sick ngl now run 16 round trips a day

2022 oct 25 E

i'd inject her dependencies if u kno what i mean

2022 oct 24 B

i can't stop thinking about it

2022 oct 23 A h

merge my pull request please

2022 oct 22 G

don't go walking in the rain in inappropriate clothing lmao

2022 oct 21 D

you're perfect, i hope you know that

2022 oct 20 F


2022 oct 19 C

i haven't been this happy in so long

2022 oct 18 E

holy shit holy shit holy shit

2022 oct 17 B

really wanna play boku no natsuyasumi and other type video games

2022 oct 16 A

i just played in one of the most fun rpg sessions i've ever been in i could fucking punch out god right now

2022 oct 15 G

chainsaw man fucking rules holy shit

2022 oct 14 D

i can't get the rikka/buster shitpost image out of my fucking head

2022 oct 13 F

if FATAL had lifepaths would it be better or worse

2022 oct 12 C

i cannot emphasize enough how grateful i am for all the cock mods for the Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall,

2022 oct 11 E

i'm going to become one of those fucking guys (female) that wears techwear everywhere

2022 oct 10 B

cyberpunk 2077 has no trains in it... literally unplayable...

2022 oct 09 A

san jose has such a cursed airport dude

2022 oct 08 G

weddings are fun but i might never be in a bridal party ever again lmao

2022 oct 07 D

i wish i wasn't so fucking awkward

2022 oct 06 F

what do you fucking want from me holy shit

2022 oct 05 C

so what does a producer like, actually do

2022 oct 04 E

i am down so bad for any alt looking people

2022 oct 03 B

maybe i should learn how to shoot after all

2022 oct 02 A

i wish i could just spontaneously change my hair length like that would rule so much

2022 oct 01 G


2022 sep 30 D

i love pictures of characters with long hair, but they have short hair and vice-versa so fucking much you have no idea

2022 sep 29 F

goruck is such a scam what the actual shit

2022 sep 28 C

they should stick a dude in a wickerman and burn him alive at the end of the furry convention

2022 sep 27 E

need a goth baddie to have power of attorney over me

2022 sep 26 B

if u've ever searched for "cooking video no talking" we can def be homies

2022 sep 25 A

i sprinted a third of the circumference of san francisco international airport in 2.5" platforms fucking slide my dms already

2022 sep 24 G

my greatest shame is how much i tolerate barcades

2022 sep 23 D g

i should start rucking or something huh

2022 sep 22 F

i keep going back and forth on whether i should post all my stickers on neocities because some of them are hella lewd lmao

2022 sep 21 C

if you wanna larp with me dms open

2022 sep 20 E

sorry i forgot to update this i was hella happy and then i was hella sad

2022 sep 19 B

whenever you leave it never hurts any less

2022 sep 18 A

i need to go on more picnics

2022 sep 17 G


2022 sep 16 D

everything's going to be okay

2022 sep 15 F

i may have fucked up a little

2022 sep 14 C

back at the salmon house

2022 sep 13 E


2022 sep 12 B

maekgeolli is pretty good

2022 sep 11 A


2022 sep 10 G


2022 sep 09 D

my larp swords came dented :C

2022 sep 08 F

fucking aced this group project let's goooooo

2022 sep 07 C

isekai is wild man

2022 sep 06 E


2022 sep 05 B

man chain mail is expensive

2022 sep 04 A

need to hit ppl with foam fr fr

2022 sep 03 G


2022 sep 02 D

fuck this code

2022 sep 01 F

horny ugh

2022 aug 31 C

i fucking love daggerfall so much

2022 aug 30 E

chill so far

2022 aug 29 B

first day of class was nice

2022 aug 28 A

swag Bucks

2022 aug 27 G

i made it out

2022 aug 26 D

i don't want to fuck this up so bad but i don't know what i need to do

2022 aug 25 F

am i going to be sad when i leave for real

2022 aug 24 C

i wasn't made for this shit lmao

2022 aug 23 E f

just keep breathing

2022 aug 22 B

mac book pain in the ass

2022 aug 21 A

i literally rewatched all of record of lodoss war today with the homies it was fucking great

2022 aug 20 G

here we go again

2022 aug 19 D

pac north west simply the best

2022 aug 18 F

some people just need to fall down a flight of stairs already

2022 aug 17 C

i wish i could help more

2022 aug 16 E


2022 aug 15 B

oops i forgot to update this

2022 aug 14 A

i hope everyone is having fun

2022 aug 13 G

i really need to fix my sleep schedule

2022 aug 12 D


2022 aug 11 F

hatsunme mikeu

2022 aug 10 C

i'm playing the train game

2022 aug 09 E

i can't decide if i'm too sentimental or not sentimental enough

2022 aug 08 B

heaven take me into your skies

2022 aug 07 A


2022 aug 06 G

feeling like a second fiddle

2022 aug 05 D

am i seriously going to miss my shitty job lmao

2022 aug 04 F

how the fuck am i gaining weight lmao

2022 aug 03 C

big sad

2022 aug 02 E

history is on our side

2022 aug 01 B

it never gets any easier

2022 jul 31 A

la needs better trains tbh

2022 jul 30 G

weeb shit trash life

2022 jul 29 D

things are gonna be okay

2022 jul 28 F

get out is a great fuckin movie

2022 jul 27 C

it should be legal not to come to work when it's this hot outside

2022 jul 26 E


2022 jul 25 B

good day swag

2022 jul 24 A

please talk to me

2022 jul 23 G e

need a canadian to introduce me to matty matheson

2022 jul 22 D

hold the line

2022 jul 21 F

time keeps moving

2022 jul 20 C


2022 jul 19 E

caress me with your sweet lullaby

2022 jul 18 B

losing weight

2022 jul 17 A

i think i fucked up

2022 jul 16 G

wistful and missful

2022 jul 15 D

panty and stocking is a good anime

2022 jul 14 F

i'm dumb and base

2022 jul 13 C

i don't want to drift apart

2022 jul 12 E

don't buy shit please

2022 jul 11 B

it was almost a really good day

2022 jul 10 A

i'll post some real posts on here eventually

2022 jul 09 G

bro what

2022 jul 08 D

i got 1421 bitches and gavin menzies has negative that amount

2022 jul 07 F

hope today is better

2022 jul 06 C

got called racist at work today it's cool

2022 jul 05 E

oh my fucking god do shit

2022 jul 04 B

weekend needs to be longer

2022 jul 03 A

fucking illness

2022 jul 02 G

delightful evening

2022 jul 01 D

i definitely only have 1d4 hp

2022 jun 30 F

robin s made some bangers not gonna lie

2022 jun 29 C

don't get sick friends

2022 jun 28 E

bro what th efuck

2022 jun 27 B

daggerfall unity is such an incredible fucking accomplishment

2022 jun 26 A


2022 jun 25 G

want to get into a MUD

2022 jun 24 D

my gotdang spine

2022 jun 23 F

dumb fucking fantasy game

2022 jun 22 C

oops i think i have an eating disorder lmao

2022 jun 21 E d

today was cancer lmao

2022 jun 20 B

it hurts

2022 jun 19 A

here we fucking go lmao

2022 jun 18 G

i'm so fucking tired

2022 jun 17 D

brain blast at work 2 day

2022 jun 16 F

its sursdai

2022 jun 15 C

i miss you, you know

2022 jun 14 E

lodoss war is a good cartoon

2022 jun 13 B

praying i don't fuck this up

2022 jun 12 A


2022 jun 11 G

fuck me im tired

2022 jun 10 D

enum these nuts

2022 jun 09 F

thinking of how to make transit in this city better

2022 jun 08 C

oh god fucking dammit

2022 jun 07 E

im a fuckin slut

2022 jun 06 B

haha oh man i'm fucking trapped haha

2022 jun 05 A

is it bad when your dreams about hanging yourself at work become daydreams about hanging yourself at work

2022 jun 04 G

i think i resent you after all

2022 jun 03 D

it's over

2022 jun 02 F

i'm so fucking tired

2022 jun 01 C

this is never going to get any better

2022 may 31 E

do your fucking job holy shit

2022 may 30 B

working on memorial day woo

2022 may 29 A

whoops i'm unstable

2022 may 28 G

hate my job

2022 may 27 D

record of OSR

2022 may 26 F

stress-induced hair loss. three months to the day since it happened

2022 may 25 C

anime isn't real (L)

2022 may 24 E


2022 may 23 B

might try to make a minecraft mod

2022 may 22 A


2022 may 21 G c

geminis leave

2022 may 20 D

we mining

2022 may 19 F

chan chan a chiki chiki ban ban

2022 may 18 C

it's my brother's birthday wish him a good one

2022 may 17 E

gotta catch up

2022 may 16 B

what difference will it make anyway?

2022 may 15 A


2022 may 14 G

so tired of being tired

2022 may 13 D

zhuge liang could get it

2022 may 12 F

wish i was still in portland lmao

2022 may 11 C

it never gets easier

2022 may 10 E

i hate choosing because i never learned how to want things

2022 may 09 B

fuck im drunk lmao

2022 may 08 A

portland is pretty cool

2022 may 07 G

run two coast starlights a day you fucks

2022 may 06 D

i need to get a new job jesus christ

2022 may 05 F

arifureta is so bad lmao

2022 may 04 C

daily reminder that flying sucks

2022 may 03 E

this is hard to update away from home

2022 may 02 B

i need more/less sticky notes in my life

2022 may 01 A

tattoos hurt

2022 apr 30 G

hate the airport, love me trains, simple as

2022 apr 29 D

i'm either a nympho or ace, not sure yet

2022 apr 28 F

feliz jueves

2022 apr 27 C

hire more people you fucking assholes

2022 apr 26 E

fuck this job (goes to work)

2022 apr 25 B

wish i was nagato from haruhi suzumiya

2022 apr 24 A

i swear i'll start updating this thing every day

2022 apr 23 G

hella burnt 2nite

2022 apr 22 D

get no bitches
stack no paper

2022 apr 21 F

keep try!

2022 apr 20 C b

i picked the wrong year to stop smoking weed

2022 apr 19 E

can't fix it

2022 apr 18 B

maybe if i stay in here long enough everyone will finally forget i exist

2022 apr 17 A

my friends call me one piece because i have too many fucking episodes

2022 apr 16 G

bro i am down fucking atrocious

2022 apr 15 D

brain broke

2022 apr 14 F

train broke

2022 apr 13 C

cucked by despair

2022 apr 12 E

it's cool when the key to your practice test doesn't have all the answers to the test

2022 apr 11 B

cybre fcuk

2022 apr 10 A

its the weekend babey

2022 apr 09 G

peripeteia demo is blessed jank

2022 apr 08 D

eurodance trap and hyperpop are all genres that prove lyricism is bullshit. your lyrics can be literally anything, doesn't even have to be syntactical if the beat goes hard enough

2022 apr 07 F

i'm going to hook up an old landline phone to my computer and use it in discord calls until no one is friends with me anymore

2022 apr 06 C

happy birthday to dustiness lalatina ford aka darkness from kono subarashii sekai ni shukufuku wo

2022 apr 05 E

listening to cringe and loving it

2022 apr 04 B

anime is good except when it's not

2022 apr 03 A

eternally wondering what comes next

2022 apr 02 G

i have to learn how to code so i can take a test so i can learn how to code

2022 apr 01 D

really was not a huge fan of the hobbit movies

2022 mar 31 F

happy tdov

2022 mar 30 C

fucked up this country does not have bathing culture

2022 mar 29 E

fuck 12

2022 mar 28 B


2022 mar 27 A

what the Fuck is "pussy'

2022 mar 26 G

early 2000s fashion is coming back and i'm fucking hype

2022 mar 25 D

gamerm omemt

2022 mar 24 F

vtubers dancing on a physical stage shouldn't even be physically possible but not only is it happening it actually looks good what the fuck

2022 mar 23 C

i want my next campaign to be cheesy 80s fantasy and anime as fuck. i want to imagine morgan bible dudes duking it out with outrageous-eared anime elves and shit. there should be dragons everywhere and they should look wicked cool

2022 mar 22 E

it's aries season bitch (belated)

2022 mar 21 B a

you ever been fucked so hard you starting hearing the dial up noise

2022 mar 20 A

sick (ass)

2022 mar 19 G

want to get back into larping lol

2022 mar 18 D

feelin' like a lil freak it's cool

2022 mar 17 F

tiocfaidh ar la up the ra

2022 mar 16 C

i fucking love trains

2022 mar 15 E

my phone decided to randomly remind me that today is me and my ex's anniversary. rude as shit tbh. anyway, hopefully coming out of the funk that's been messing me up for a few weeks. i want to run d&d again so bad lmao

2022 mar 14 B

i must be made of steel
for i just threw out the love of my dreams

2022 mar 13 A

not in a good place rn

2022 mar 12 G

candy said she's made arrangements for me in the sand
candy says she wants me with her down in candyland

2022 mar 11 D

it feels like no matter what i do i'll hurt people

2022 mar 10 F

i must confess it sucks ass to not be able to sleep lmao

2022 mar 09 C

i miss my old campaign. it accumulated so much cruft over my bad decisions running it and making my version of d&d. but damn it was fun for a hot while.

2022 mar 08 E

its always fuwa fuwa time if your not a Bitch

2022 mar 07 B

sweet tooth got me acting unwise

2022 mar 06 A

late night, come home, work sucks, i know

2022 mar 05 G

sleepy, poor, sex-repulsed,

2022 mar 04 D

decided against getting the lodoss tattoo for now. when she opened her books she noted she wanted to focus on flash and smaller pieces rn. also i'm poor lmao

2022 mar 03 F

been working on this place for about 14 hours straight more or less. time for nappy nappy. going to try and get booked for a lodoss war tattoo tomorrow. figure out how i want this journal to look tomorrow or whenever honestly.