Here you may find my thoughts on various subjects, organized by date of publication. At present I am merely transferring posts from my old blog to this site. In the future, I intend to collect my house rules for old-school D&D here, a bestiary of creatures you can include in your own campaign, and documents relevant to my campaign setting. I may even end up writing about my other interests; for example, urban planning and public transportation. If any of this interests you, stay tuned!

consult the scrolls

fate points

2018 jul 17 sometimes, death is just the beginning.

quick & dirty wrestling

2021 mar 17 it's (no) time to tussle

glop bears

2020 dec 20 watch the skies, goo in eyes

spooky scary skeletons

2018 jul 09 we all know they're the coolest

record of loadout war

2023 apr 06 god i love logistics!!

dumb fucking fantasy game

2090 feb 31 my houserules

test guy

HD 1 MV 30' MR 12 Defends as Chain Attacks Weapon 1d6